Application Process

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Headmaster (Between the hours of 10am-2pm)
  2. Upon the scheduled meeting date with the Headmaster, there will be a same day tour of the school.
  3. During the tour meet with the teachers
  4. Schedule a day for the student to spend in the school during which time, placement tests will be given for math and English
  5. When a decision to commit to the school is final the following must be completed:
     - Contracts need to be signed
     - Medical forms must be submitted
     - Deposit or first month tuition must be submitted 
  6. All paperwork is handled by the business office with the business manager only.
  7. Schedules, classes and books will be handed out throughout the school day by the individual teachers. 
  8. Parents are to drop off students
     -If a meeting with the Headmaster or teacher is requested, parents and/or guardian must schedule a meeting with the business manager or secretary during a convenient time for the staff.