Message From Our Headmaster


Paula G. Steele

Collegiate School has been part of my life for over 50 years. It is not just a school for me, it is a family, my second home. Working at Collegiate is not a job; it is a passion, my mission in life. I want all children to have a safe, secure, warm, and welcoming place to be every day, where learning comes easily and students look forward to getting up in the morning and coming to school. What we do at Collegiate is easy, we care! We care about each and every student and we care about their future.

My goal is to prepare students to meet the changing challenges of a modern world. I want them to be well-equipped to accept responsibility and community commitment and to be well-schooled enough to understand the complex social problems of our global society. I certainly expect all Collegians to have a productive, rewarding and happy future. I expect great things from all my students because they in turn have brought great joy to Collegiate School.



The Beauty Of Our School

Students have the ability to use computers to enhance learning and be in a school setting with small and concentrated classes with dedicated professional teachers to actually experience the power of education- the right way!

Doing this will:

  • Enhance time management skills 
  • Enhance social skills
  • Instill a sense of responsibility



  • Over 120 years of academic achievement
  • Small class sizes
  • Individualized instruction
  • In-school tutoring
  • Class schedules that meet each student's academic needs
  • All students are valued
  • A safe, nurturing, friendly environment 
  • Enhances your child's self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth 


A secure familial environment, sensitive to the needs of the individual students, is the unique atmosphere that prevails at Collegiate School. Through evaluation, guidance, flexibility, and personalization of instruction, the student is imbued with a sense of personal integrity, democratic principles, and social consciousness, resulting in the holistic development of the student. 

The curriculum provides not only the basic requirements for college admission, with strong emphasis on the major disciplines and the humanities, but also adds other dimensions of enrichment such as art, music, and dramatic programs. The integrated development of learning skills on every grade level in each subject provides for the transition from lower school to upper school. Implementation is the on-going concern of the faculty; supporting this endeavor are also the contributions and interactions of parents, school community, trustee, and alumni.

Ultimately, Collegiate School prepares a student who is knowledgeable, multi-disciplined, aware of tradition, and receptive to innovation - a student who is tolerant and mature, who questions and thinks independently, who meets the future with direction and confidence. 

By offering an intellectual atmosphere which awakens and inspires the desire for academic growth, Collegiate School commits itself to is motto:"In order that we may increase in knowledge."




Head Master and Science Teacher:

Paula Steele

History Teacher:

Angela C. Gibson

English Teacher:

Richard Faust

Math and Computer Teacher:

Amira Mohammed

Spanish Teacher:

Imani Hardy

Creative Arts:

Shannon Grassie

Physical Education Teacher:

Angela Steele

Lower School Teacher:

Joanne D'Agostino

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher:

Rosalina Marquez

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher:

Lydia Alarcon


Collegiate School

22 Kent Ct, Passaic, New Jersey 07055, United States


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